1. Starting a game

pw1-startbuttonFind a friend on Facebook, or enter their Phrase Wheel Username to get started. You can also challenge a random player or choose from a list of recent opponents.

2. Choosing a category

Players take turns choosing categories of phrases at the start of a round. Pick the category you know the best, or unlock a new category using your Gems! Locked categories have a small lock next to their name.


3. Basic rules

A match consists of four rounds. Each round, one of the players picks a category, and a random phrase from that category is display on the game board.
The player that solves the phrase is awarded the cash they collected that round, and the player with the most cash at the end of round four wins the match!

4. Taking your turn

Each turn, a player can choose from three actions – Spin, Solve, or Buy a vowel:


pw1-spinSpin the wheel by giving it a flick with your finger. The wheel decides what you’re playing for this turn. For example, if the wheel lands on the $800 wedge, you’ll be awarded $800 per letter for a correct guess.

The wheel also features two special wedges – Lose a Turn and Bankrupt:

pw1-lose-a-turn Lose a Turn: If the wheel lands on Lose a Turn, your turn immediately ends, and you don’t get to make any more guesses or attempts to Solve the phrase.

pw1-bankruptBankrupt: If the wheel lands on Bankrupt, you lose all the cash you’ve accrued this round and go back to 0! If that wasn’t bad enough, you’ll Lose a Turn, too!

After spinning the wheel, use the letter pool to select the consonant you want to guess. Previously guessed letters will be greyed out.


If your guess is correct, all letters in the phrase that match the guessed letter will be revealed to both players. You’ll be awarded the cash amount you got on your spin and get to take another turn.


pw1-solve Try to guess the phrase. A correct guess will end the round, and lock-in the cash you’ve earned this round. Any cash your opponent has won this round will be lost.

When you think you know the answer and want to end the round, tap the Solve button.

Use the on-screen keyboard to fill in the remaining letters in the phrase.


If your guess is correct, the round will end and your cash earned this round will be added to your match total. Your opponent will get nothing.

If your guess is incorrect, your turn ends immediately. Bad luck!

Buy a vowel

pw1-vowel By paying $500 of your round earnings, you can guess a vowel in the phrase. A correct guess will get you an extra turn


5. Waiting your turn

Now that you’ve had your turn, it’s your opponent’s shot!


Once they have finished their turn, the game will move from under the Their Turn tag, to under the Your turn tag. Give it a tap to take your turn!

We’ll also send you a push notification to let you know when it’s your turn, if you let us.

6. Additional cool stuff


pw1-boostIn exchange for Gems, you gain access to one of three Boosts that can help tip the game in your favour:

pw1-clear-lettersClear letters: Reveals a random letter in the phrase.

pw1-triple-pointsTriple cash: Gain three times the cash amount you spin if your next guess is correct.

pw1-insuranceInsurance: Protect yourself from the next Bankrupt or Lose a Turn spin. Think of this as an extra life!


pw1-resignIs this game going nowhere? You can give up by selecting the Forfeit button on the Match Stats screen.


pw1-facebookThe game is better with more friends! Connect to Facebook at any time to get access to your friends and use your profile pic as your avatar!